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Aug 29

Post-Merger Integration Quick Reference Guide

Many companies struggle with integrating new businesses and maximizing deal value. OTB is pleased to share these insights to help you achieve your goals. Download the Guide from downloadable contents on the home page.

Aug 25

Process Automation: Programmed Excel Tools

AVAILABLE NOW!  Excel capabilities with Macros and Visual Basic programming language are suitable for automating highly-customized process components intuitively.  We hope that you will find the attached tools helpful in your business.  PLEASE NOTE: The tools use Macros and VBA code so you must ensure that Macros are enabled and the worksheets are saved as […]

Jun 12

Management Myths and Their Consequences

What follows are the abbreviated notes from a longer case study prepared by OTB Advisory as part of its organizational change practice (the complete case study contains further information to assess root causes, and separate debriefing notes). This case is based on facts although all of the organizational details have been modified. This case illustrates some of […]

Dec 31

Doing Business with Purpose

A lot can happen in a day – a new year can begin! What does a new year bring for a small professional services business and its clients? We are in the business of people. This leads to the traditional, and historically highly financially successful, professional services model where people are assets. This perspective is undeniably true (especially to us accountants) and has […]

Nov 27

Awareness as a Catalyst for Organizational Change

The connection between awareness and positive change is deeply embedded in many philosophies and is at the core of mindfulness practices. Mindfulness is also viewed as an effective technique for managing stress and achieving meaningful long-term goals without compromising key elements contributing to the quality of life. In my practice, I have also found that it is an effective technique for […]

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