May 15

Do you want a leadership role?

Currently, I am working with a fantastic entrepreneurial leadership team on post-merger integration and finance transformation. The project is led out of the CEO’s office with the CFO being the internal project leader, while I, as the principal of my firm, OTB Advisory, is the consulting leader with accountability for results. The project supports a key Board […]

Apr 12

Annual and Interim External Reporting Tool Updates

As part of ongoing user implementation, OTB has made significant enhancements to the reporting tool used for external reporting by public companies.  Some enhanced functionality includes: Full financial statement preparation (along with with any other Word-based reports such as the MD&A) Addition of reference tables that users can fully link to source data and format […]

Apr 11

Cultural Integration Gap Assessment Survey

OTB has released an improved version of the cultural integration survey that can be performed in collaboration with internal HR professionals as part of post-merger integration or to assist with cultural landscape assessment/engagement improvement work. This survey contains automatic tabulation and statistical interpretation of results with suggested approaches to problem identification and solving. It is […]

Dec 20

Happy Holidays!

Wishing our clients, co-workers, partners and friends a wonderful holiday season and a great year ahead.

Dec 20

Achieving Employee Engagement when Leading Change

Do different people need different leaders?  Probably.  The fundamental principle is that leaders have influence because they meet human and organizational needs.  Many of these needs are psychological.  Leaders push others forward, help people solve problems, set agendas, inspire others to live their best lives, and create compelling visions.  In other words, they help people […]

Dec 20

Making Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) Work for YOU

How much work do you do that requires you not to think deeply?  Checking numbers, footing tables, copying and pasting information, opening and closing files, reviewing contracts, or doing Internet searches.  Have you ever found a glaring conceptual miss in a perfectly accurate spreadsheet? Have you found yourself thinking about an idea and realizing that […]

Nov 16

How to automate your reporting

Do you use spreadsheets for reporting?  Do you manually check the numbers, adds and cross-adds, and populate the MD&A?  Would you rather spend time on strategy and mentoring people than making sure you don’t find embarrassing errors in your prior quarter MD&A?  And you want to do this without making an ongoing investment in a […]

Nov 16

Effective feedback? It is harder than you think.

Providing and receiving feedback is a core leadership competency. Yet many are not effective at it. This article provides practical advice. Things to do: – Be direct. We are biased to hear what we want to hear and listen to confirm what we already believe. Being direct helps to overcome confirmation bias. – Be specific. […]

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