Build strong roots to strengthen or transform your finance and accounting function, maximize profitability, and give your team a competitive edge.

At OTB we build strong roots.

Founded by Elena Bowes, OTB Advisory is a boutique advisory firm that provides customized, innovative Out-of-The-Box finance and accounting solutions for mid-market and large enterprise companies.

Our logo depicts an acorn – the seed from which majestic oak trees grow. Each acorn represents the potential to flourish and become something far greater. It is this potential that we help germinate and flourish within every client we serve. We seek to help create an environment that supports success, making it easier for people and businesses to translate their vision into reality while realizing their full potential.

Like an acorn from which mighty trees grow, OTB can be a catalyst in your business. One that drives positive change and growth by helping to strengthen or transform your finance and accounting function, which are vital roots of your business. By growing strong roots, you can better stay on top of and adapt to external conditions, grow strategically, and sustain growth in the long-term.

As OTB Advisory’s Founder and Principal, Elena brings over 20 years’ experience in public practice with two of the “Big 4” accounting firms and an unmatched technical ability. If you require in-depth analysis and strong guidance and leadership, Elena can effectively and expediently put together the solution you and your company needs and help implement it.

With an education and career that spans Russia, the United States, and Canada, Elena is a seasoned professional. Her experience includes TSX IPO preparation, acquisition due diligence, high-risk audits, international public security offerings, and major projects in finance and internal audit for large cap companies, among others. She has held senior leadership roles within Ernst & Young as a partner and Deloitte as a Senior Advisor.

Elena works with clients within one or more of OTB’s service pillars. A lifelong learner, Elena is a voracious reader and continues to pursue education, most recently through the Harvard Business School Online business, management and leadership certificate programs.

Elena has two young daughters and enjoys travel to Europe, nature, literature and the arts.


We break down barriers that hinder change and seek to instill the courage to drive and adopt it. Personal responsibility, absence of blame, integrity and transparency, individual empowerment, purpose, and a passion for growth are all core tenets of our culture. By following these tenets, we create an environment that supports the success of our clients, ourselves, and society. Our commitment to our clients, and all we impact is to generate value in all we do and effect real change, from idea to execution.