Build strong roots to strengthen or transform your finance and accounting function, maximize profitability, and give your team a competitive edge.

You value your business’ future but don’t always have all the answers. We can give you the courage to change and the ability to make bold moves – helping improve or transform internal processes, systems, and standards to unlock your competitive edge.

You will find our core services below. Get in touch and ask how we can help unlock your competitive edge and achieve better outcomes.

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Service Pillars
Post-Merger Integration

OTB helps leadership teams solve the biggest challenge of mergers and acquisitions: realization of synergies and deal value. We do this by focusing on the top 10 mission-critical factors developed by OTB and combining them with our proven approach to delivering results from major projects, customized to your unique needs.

o Assistance with due diligence including “soft” due diligence
o M&A playbooks and functional integration plans (finance, communications, HR, sales and marketing, product and service development, etc.)
o Project leadership and management (focus on realizing results and deal NPV)
o Cultural gap assessments and integration plans


Align your finance function with the needs of your business through OTB’s strategic guidance and hands on project leadership. We collaborate with clients to help them solve complex challenges and create a modern finance function.

o Vision and strategy guidance
o New system selection and integration (focus on CPM/BI/FP&A/RPA/Data Analysis)
o Robotic process automation for finance, accounting and internal audit (including RPA-based outsourced reporting solutions for public and private companies)
o Finance function effectiveness assessment and enhancement
o Process and workflow development and enhancement
o Data migration
o Improve data-driven decision making through greater visibility and usability (data analytics; BI)
o Team leadership and mentoring
o Change management and major project leadership
o IPO readiness
o Outsourced CFO services

We help design and execute systems of internal controls and support internal audit groups to safeguard against risk, ensure accuracy and completeness of information, and maintain compliance with both Canadian and US regulatory requirements. OTB delivers a complete understanding of risk and helps create an environment that manages it.

o Internal audit function development and enhancement
o Cross-functional alignment with stakeholder needs (operational and finance audits)
o Internal control reports (NI52-109)
o SOX 404 consulting
o Internal audit quality assurance
o Risk assessments

We provide strategic direction and drive internal engagement to help inspire and manage change in a shifting environment. Internal systems, processes, and people are the roots of your business. We build strong roots, empowering employees at all levels, and giving them the tools and courage to change and drive sustainable growth. We also fix dysfunctional team dynamics and improve “toxic” workplaces to deliver on the overall business mandate.

o Mission and strategic objectives development
o Team dynamics surveys/”cultural mirrors”
o Team culture playbook development
o Team structuring and restructuring
o Change leadership

Frequently Asked Questions
Is OTB Advisory an accounting firm?

Yes. OTB Advisory Professional Corporation is a registered CPA firm and can be found here:

While qualified, registered and permitted to provide all the services traditionally provided by accounting firms, OTB Advisory’s focus is on management consulting and advisory in the areas that are its primary service pillars.

We want to make Big 4 quality services accessible to more clients. Within a Big 4 firm, if you are not a priority client, your access to fast, transparent, affordable and high-value information and answers is limited by your immediate network, particularly your audit partner or other connections you have within the firm.

Our business model is designed to provide affordable value-added services that rival the Big 4, but in a manner that’s accessible to more clients and provides them a level of service they do not usually get unless they are a large-cap company.

That is a fair question.

We derive revenue from a wide range of companies and individuals and use highly efficient methodologies in executing work that does not overshoot your need – therefore, our costs for the same value are often lower than either permanent resources or traditional accounting firms.   Our per hour rates are lower than the Big 4 rates, we bill for value, and we also leverage multiple external firm resources to drive down the price of knowledge and skills. We also provide free value-added services such as operational and strategic insight. Furthermore, we guarantee the value of our work.

We are especially valuable in the case of a significant transformation, such as one required by a major transaction or regulatory change. Organizational change work requires years of direct experience, gained by trial and error. Most transformation projects fail, and the list of reasons can be long and unique for each project or business. Failed transformations or unsuccessful risky positions can be expensive and potentially culturally damaging. We have extensive experience managing and driving transformations of various types and magnitudes and can ensure your organization avoids the pitfalls of change.

As for being sales-focused, we care deeply about outcomes for our clients; we aim to serve the whole business and all the people within it. Our values are not consistent with us wanting to “sell services” and make you feel like a sales target. We are not primarily driven by money and power, but rather by a need to continuously learn, innovate, and help others realize their full potential as individual people and as a team and businesses.

There are many elements of our business and value proposition that make us different, but what really defines us is our combination of top-down structured direction and bottom up employee-level engagement. The processes, structure, and systems of your company are the machineries of success, so we focus there to help our clients achieve organizational excellence. Without softer elements like culture, behaviour, and individual empowerment to drive it, a company can’t unleash its full potential. That’s why we take a balanced approach.

We provide a different experience to our clients because we focus on what is unique to them and combine it with our unique, balanced approach to create joint value.

Our company logo is an acorn. It is a seed from which a powerful tree grows. In different contexts, an acorn symbolizes potential, strength, life, independence and, spiritual growth. It reflects our core nature and approach to building relationships and doing business.

“The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It’s the one that stands in the open where is compelled to struggle for existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.” – Napoleon Hill

The OTB in our name stands for “Out of the Box,” which means escaping boundaries or limits established by our minds and rigid human thinking and process. Our name reflects our non-conformal, creative thinking. The solutions we create are different from our competition’s because we unlock value, energy, and potential by changing perspectives.

In the world of business today, we see “out of the box” thinking as an essential element for thriving long-term. We apply this thinking to everything we do and in our daily lives. OTB Advisory was born of the deep need to be the best versions of ourselves.

We have many years of experience in public practice and uphold the highest standard of confidentiality, security, and privacy of the information we obtain, including personal information. We strictly follow applicable laws, professional standards, and engagement terms, and train everyone with direct access to client information about our security, confidentiality and privacy policies. We also limit access to client information by partnering with Microsoft to obtain secure server storage.