Business Process Transformation, Change and Risk Advisory

THIS SERVICE IS CURRENTLY OPERATING IN PROTOTYPE MODE – Please contact OTB Advisory if you would like to be one of our testers.

What is it?

We want our work to be fun, engaging, innovative and fairly compensated. This platform is an exchange of knowledge that we and our clients interact with every day in our jobs.

When bidding or asking, please focus on the job that would be done using the knowledge/information or skill or the problem that it could/would solve, and your understanding/perception of value in relation to other options available to do the same job or solve the same problem.  The intent is not to offer a per hour rate to accomplish a service but rather to determine a fair price for a job or problem that a customer needs to do or solve.

This is not an auction – so items of value are not sold to the highest bidder. It is an exchange that connects and allows people to give and receive, if they so choose. Everyone on this platform is a market maker. Why not have some fun and get paid for it?

This service provides curated, professionally moderated, high quality, aggregated contents while maintaining confidentiality and high professional standards.  It eliminates market inefficiencies in obtaining access to knowledge and skills by functioning as an online marketplace.  Buyers save all professional finders’ fees except for the fees charged for utilizing the platform and moderating/curating contents.  This service also increases transparency and breaks down barriers created by having to obtain access to knowledge and skills through much smaller direct networks, or having to go through a lengthy process of becoming a client of a firm.  We believe that transparency is socially responsible because it builds market efficiency and improves business overall.  Ultimately, users will be able participate in real time problem solving and access a much wider database of real life relevant business knowledge on a subscription basis, without breaching confidentiality of the contributors in areas they want to keep confidential.  We are also able to charge a lot less than traditional fees if services are provided through OTB Advisory because of our ultra-lean and transparent business model.  We strongly believe that this puts more businesses in a position to succeed.

Please contact OTB Advisory if you would like to be one of our testers.

How it works (“Terms and Conditions”):

  • Confidentiality.  All information submitted is professionally moderated and no company or personal identifiable information will be shared externally by OTB Advisory.  All work is subject to the applicable rules of professional conduct.  All personal and company identifiable information is subject to confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions.  Any individual/company wishing to enter into a non-disclosure agreement prior to sharing information can do so upon request.  These confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions apply when information is submitted through the forms below regardless of whether there is a separate non-disclosure agreement.  It is the users’ responsibility to ensure that any information submitted does not breach intellectual property, non-disclosure, or confidentiality provisions applicable to the users.
  • Information obtained here will be stored in OTB Advisory’s secure database.  Users provide express consent for OTB Advisory to securely store such information and use it to generate further business for OTB Advisory and other users provided that confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions are met.
  • This is a virtual skills, information and service exchange.  Moderated information of general nature (without any personal or company identifiable information) can be publicly posted in a forum format – or our “ticker tape”.  Users provide express consent to share general information in forum format provided that the confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions above are met.
  • All personal or business connections made through or using information obtained from this website are under OTB Advisory’s trademark and brand and are subject to OTB Advisory service fees.  The current service fee is 5% of transaction value.  These fees will be deducted from transaction price.  Payments will be processed by OTB Advisory.
  • OTB Advisory may wish to bid on the skills/information/service.  OTB Advisory’s service fees apply to such transactions.
  • Any deliverables originating through this website will be completed under the OTB Advisory brand and subject to the use of OTB Advisory processes including quality control.

You will be paid on the basis of the clearing price, or based on the negotiated price between the parties if no clearing price exists.  The clearing price is the price at which your need can be met but no lower than this price.  OTB Advisory will evaluate the contents of the bid and ask, and match the two.  Once matched, the transaction triggers the obligation for payment from the buyer to the seller, net of the service fee.   OTB Advisory will clear the payments, net of the service fee.  OTB Advisory will also address reasonable customer complaints about deliverable quality.

The main purpose of the platform is to connect buyers and sellers of information, knowledge or other forms of intellectual capital.  We use a specific methodology for assessing questions and answers to ensure that they match in terms of expectations.  We also use proprietary processes to ensure service quality of all transactions at low costs.  OTB Advisory will evaluate the information for both buyers and sellers to ensure that the request and expectations are clearly defined and the response meets the expectations of the buyer.  We have two decades of experience in the Big 4 environment and are able to evaluate the quality of submissions.  Our founder was one of the best national technical partners at one of the Big 4 firms and has received training from some of the best colleges in the US including the Harvard Business School.  Our mission is to help more companies succeed and get access to high quality advisory service at affordable prices.  Maintaining your trust is a key success factor for us.  Our business will not succeed unless we stay true to our promises.  Services will be subject to a money back guarantee if your expectations are not reasonably and objectively met.

We are qualified to provide advice in a variety of areas not primarily covered by our core service pillars, including tax, audit, reviews, inspections, etc.  We are not valuators and will refer you to other qualified firms if you need help with a business valuation.

If you post a question that we are not qualified to moderate, we will not accept the question into the system and will not open it for bidding.

This is an evolving service – any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions can be submitted at any time through the Contact Our Team page.





ID Bid or Ask Item Time frame Price Matched
1 Ask
Information: Best practices for managing receivables in residential real estate businesses
Short Term (two weeks to a month) Negotiable
3 Bid
Skill: Technical Accounting
Service: Inventory valuation
Information: We had service parts inventory in our Service Lab which did not have a cost for a while: these parts were given to us by our contractual manufacturer in Russia on several occasions for free. So \"historical\" cost was $0. Recently we received the prices for these parts and can valuate service parts inventory accordingly. What GL account should we use to increase inventory account and COG associate with it? Should we even do this now or should we wait until we will buy next batch of service parts? Thank you!
Urgent (several business days) Negotiable
4 Bid
Information: IFRS 15 and 9 disclosures for Q1 - areas of complexity are disaggregated revenue disclosures and allowance for doubtful accounts. Include policy (IAS 1) disclosure revisions to be used at year-end. Bid: $1,500
Short Term (two weeks to a month) Specific dollar value per hour or in total
5 Bid
Information: Under IFRS 16, please list the specific costs and contract terms we need to track to calculate the present value of the ROU assets. Please be specific on the composition of the costs associated with the lease - what costs do we need to track and which GL account should we record them in? How do we communicate this to operations in a way that they will understand? This is specific to land leases but please consider other leases too, such as equipment.
Short Term (two weeks to a month) Negotiable
6 Bid
Skill: technical accounting
Information: The company is working on the Green Field preconstruction stage (for Wind Farm). Accounting-IFRA How to account (expense or capitalize) cost of land lease for 5 years with extension possibility and the cost associated with the lease; expenses, we paid to the company for land acquisition; expenses for various permits; expenses for the engineering services. Wich account should we record them? Thank you.
Short Term (two weeks to a month) Negotiable